Empowering Grocery Stores, Coffee Shops and Others Worldwide.

Step out of the struggle for better margins. With the world’s most advanced in-store air roaster & our extensive menu of specialty-grade green coffee beans, you can serve your café or grocery store’s customers better . . . in a labor-, capital-, and space-efficient way.

Find Roast Master Roasters in 50+ locations around the world.

"With the Roast Master program I was able to cut my coffee costs nearly in half. At the same time I was able to introduce my own brand of roasted coffee and open up new revenue streams selling whole bean coffee to the businesses in my community and online."

Joe Paraiso, Brew Coffee Spot La Mesa, CA

Imagine your café becoming the hippest micro-roaster in town.

With an in-house roaster, you gain control over the quality of your product. At the same time, you increase sales & profits.

Rest assured, we guide you through the installation and training steps to begin using a Roast Master roaster, the world’s most advanced retail-ready roasting machine.

Let’s add “coffee roasters” to the end of your name – and exceed your entrepreneurial dreams.

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Your store can craft memorable experiences to boost your bottom line.

Yes, we’ve seen the same industry trends as you – and we’re committed to helping your store stand out.

With Roast Master, you provide an engaging & affordable “coffee theatre” experience for your customers.

You can increase your profitability with a tiny footprint & zero labor. Get started a.s.a.p. with only a deposit.

Do you run the food service at a retirement community? College? Corporate campus? Restaurant?

Meet the Roast Master Roaster

Push Button Operation

Once a profile is created, coffee can be roasted with precision and consistency by entry-level staff - with the push of a button.

High Volume

Back-to-back 3-pound roasts in under 8 minutes per roast. Capacity of 50+ pounds/day, 1500+ pounds/month.

Consistent & Reliable

Our advanced controller allows for precise duplication of roast profiles while roasting thousands of pounds of coffee per month. Industrial, food-grade components and reliable electronics designed by a team with deep in experience in high-tech manufacturing equipment.

Tiny Footprint

At only 15" wide, the FAB 1.2 is only about the width of a commercial toaster oven.

Advanced Profiling Capability

With our advanced controller system you can create unique roast profiles for each coffee. Profiling is programmed across a 15 point curve with four variables - air temperature, bean temperature, blower speed and time.

The Theater of Roasting

Watch the transformation of green coffee from gold to green to brown, wowing customers and lifting the veil on the roasting process.


A tabletop or floor stand option allow the roaster to fit easily into your existing backbar. The stand contains extra storage space and a coffee storage system using custom-fitted containers.

Sleek Design

Stainless steel, matte finish and integrated stand. Fully cusomizable color options and front logo.

How to Become a Coffee Roaster in 30 Days

  • Weeks 1-2: Utility Install

    Set up your space for your roaster with electrical & ventilation. We manage the utility install project for you, make recommendations, and help it go smoothly.

    You have our assistance the whole way!

  • Weeks 2-3: Roasting Program Design

    Before your Roast Master roaster arrives, we'll help you select your green coffee menu, develop profiles to wow your customers, and design the best roasting schedule for your needs.

  • Week 4: Partner Training

    We come on site to train your managers & staff on roaster operation. We provide training & talking points to educate your customers. We help you open new revenue streams like your own branded whole bean coffee and "local wholesale" - selling to restaurants, offices and other members of your community.

    You can call on us anytime for ongoing support.

“No Added Labor Costs”

“Partnering with Roast Master has allowed us to offer fresher, higher-quality coffee while increasing our margins.  The install and training were a cinch and did not require any increase in labor costs.  With the roaster running in our cafe, we can now engage with customers in a new and exciting way.” 

John Husler, Owner, Lestat’s Coffee House

Meet the magic of our small-batch coffee roaster.

  • No-Cost Lease. Refundable deposit.
  • Wide array of green (raw) coffee supplied directly to you.
  • Training, maintenance, and support included.
  • Open new revenue streams when you roast your own top-quality beans.

With only a deposit, you’re up & running with our roasting program. No monthly lease fee, no long-term contract.

Thanks to our green coffee supply & opportunities to grow your brand, you increase your business’ cash flow – which can continue your expansion. Open multiple locations. Put your kids through college. Set yourself up for a comfortable retirement.

From preparing your space for roaster installation, to ongoing maintenance & training for new employees, we build a long-term partnership with you. We’re here to help you launch – and maximize your new revenue streams.

Installation assistance, training, maintenance, and support are included with the Roast Master program. No expertise required besides initial staff training.

Save money when you start with raw coffee beans – and that means saving 4–7 €/kilo. Choose from a variety of price points via our exclusive, easy-to-use online portal.

Delight your customers with the best of the best. Fair-trade. Organic. Beans from every major coffee-growing region.

Plus, you get creative & quality control over your beans’ roasting with your in-house Roast Master machine.

Throw open the doors to new revenue streams when you roast your own coffee beans. Expect to drive revenue +30–50% . . . with minimal capital & no additional labor.

Sell bags of in-house-roasted coffee to in-store and online customers, as well as local businesses. Even offer a recurring subscription option delivered to your customers’ homes.

Make your store more memorable with the ultimate conversation-starter. Roast your coffee live – in our gorgeous, best-in-class machine – to engage your customers.

Feature this eye-catching display . . . to boost profits in a space-efficient way.